The High Performance Workshop

Increase Productivity, Profitability, and Prosperity
by Creating a High Performance Workforce

Position your workforce for high performance by removing common roadblocks to success.  Get the most from your organizations human capital by harmonizing every employee’s ability to work as a member of a peak performance team.

The C-Suite Results Core Values Index™ (CVI) Workshop is the “supercharger” you’ve been looking for to dramatically increase human performance throughout your organization.

The CVI reveals highly accurate, reliable insights into how each of your employees are wired, thus allowing you to assign responsibilities they are best suited for. CVI feedback is also valuable in giving you confidence in creating teams that increase everyone’s productivity by harmonizing their talents.

A well-optimized workforce leads to greater career satisfaction for employees, which results in increased productivity, higher retention of key personnel, and a work place that everyone appreciates.

Profits follow productivity and you can maximize both by understanding how to motivate your work force to fully embrace organizational values and objectives and to understand where their talents and gifts make a difference. The C-Suite Results High Performance Workshop may be the most significant action an executive can take to get the most of your organization’s investment in human capital.

Top 5 reasons to host the High PerformanceI Workshop:

1. Gain clarity on the steps that will inspire each employee to make their highest contribution to your organization.

2. Increase career satisfaction by eliminating interpersonal conflicts and increasing cooperation and communication.

3. Assign responsibilities that suit your employees with greater precision, and identify gaps in your human capital needs.

4. Motivate and inspire employees by helping them understand the relevance of their talents to your organization.

5. Harmonize the efforts of your team to best support the goals of your organization.

Designed for Leaders who want:
• To improve productivity and engagement within their teams and organizations
• To increase individual and collective effectiveness of their team members and organizations
• To learn actionable steps to increase their team’s productivity
• To enhance their teams synergies for higher performance and better results
• To create a culture that allows employees to contribute to the organization at their highest  level and where they want to go the extra mile for superior results
• To assign roles, promote the right individuals, and engage employees in a way that motivates

“Your workforce is your company’s most valuable asset. Invest in it at the level you desire results.”
– Sharon Smith