After 15 years in corporate america as an information security consultant, subject matter expert, and auditor, it became clear that I was not where I belonged. Too many cases of the Sunday night blues for too many years. I was not doing work that gave me joy or energy and now that I have studied and understand this, it makes perfect sense. You see we are all born with unique gifts and different combinations of energies that make up who we are. Once we understand this we can align our work with our unique brilliance and everything becomes easier, more fun, and more rewarding.The journey from unfulfilled employee to engaged business owner me took some time. When I found coaching I finally started doing work that filled me up, gave me a sense of purpose, joy, and energy.

Those 15 disengaged and dissatisfying years in corporate america could have been avoided if I had known how I was wired or what my unique brilliance was when I was picking my college major in accounting at 17 or when I was 23 picking my graduate degree in computer forensics, but I didn’t have the tools back then and I picked wrong.

During my journey I found coaching and went to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) where I spent over 300 hours sharpening my saw and became a certified processional coach. I also studied energy leadership and received the Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) certification.

I am passionate about change, especially change in how corporate america functions. There are too many people (employees and leaders) dragging themselves into work every day, doing work that is not in alignment with who they are, and leaving at the end of the day drained and feeling pretty darn bad. That is no way to live so I have created the C-Suite R.E.S.U.L.T.S. system. Just because employee engagement averages around 32% engaged, does not mean it has to stay so low. As a leader you have a responsibility to start doing things differently. It is time to become the next generation leader that we so desperately need. You can either keep doing what you have always done and keep getting the same results or you can change. Yes I know from personal experience that change can be painful, but I also know that it can be very rewarding. It’s time to contact me so we can talk about the change you want, need, and are ready for.

Sharon Smith



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