About Sharon

After 15+ years in corporate America as an information security consultant, subject matter expert, and auditor, it became clear that I was not where I belonged. I had too many cases of the Sunday night blues for too many years. I was not doing work that gave me joy or energy and I decided it was time to reinvent myself. I went back for more education and became a certified professional coach.

Several years into my life as an Executive Coach it occurred to me that I of missed the information security conversations. When given the opportunity to engage on these topics I found myself full of energy and remembered that it’s something I’m really good at. But there was no way I was going back to corporate America and I also love coaching so what’s a gal to do?

As a 12-year veteran of the information security and compliance industry I understand the challenges in the industry and especially the challenges that the CISO, CSO, and other security executives deal with every day.  I understand the technology you are working with, the challenges in getting business buy in and support, and how hard it is to keep a security team engaged and productive. I know that too often the rest of your organization thinks that security is an IT issue when you know that it is a people and business challenge.

I now work with security executives to create high performing EPICC teams – these are teams that are Engaged, Productive, have Integrity, and can Collaborate and Communicate effectively.

It is rare to find someone with a background that includes in-depth information security knowledge and experience, a business degree, and is a certified coach. You’ll find others who are consultants OR coaches but I combine both – to provide you epic results that last.

In my 12 years as an information security consultant I worked with clients such as Microsoft, First Data, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach, and US Bank among many others. I now help my clients identify the gaps within their team and security organization and then help create strategies for closing that gap and focus on leadership development. I don’t just leave you with a report; I help you implement an effective strategy through coaching you and your team to make a real difference within your organization.

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